Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Wanna know Why??

"here i am" says i to the commentless blog !! but no matter .. i shall venture forth ... putting my creation out there .. for no one to read .. as yet ... maybe .. some day ......

lemme quantify the reasons why i've started blogging..

1. because i have nothing substantial to do wit my time.. actually scrap that .. I HAV NOTHIN TO DO .. tho if anyone from work is reading .. i hav some testin comin up .. i promise !!

2. because i have a lot to be thankful for, i hav a happy family life, i have great friends, and much more important .. i hav amazing possibilities for the future. like losing weight??

3. because i just had a very terrible break up wit my cell fone which inspired me to finally venture out to long-procastinated areas. *sob sob* don't ask .. too painful right now

4. because i wanna know what ppl think of my writing style so 10 yrs later when i win the booker.. i know whom to laugh at !!

5. because i wanna do something new everyday and i want to be able to relive it again and again ..

so the review of the day is ....*drum roll*even a 3 day weekend far away from ur city can help dust ur shoulders of the crap ur carrying .. and no .. the world will surprisingly not collapse and wonder of wonders ... life will go on !! try it !!

Heraclitus (i studied western philosophy once nanananana) once said that v cant step in the same river twice ....... in the same vein i solemnly proclaim that no kid is 1 yr old twice and if u miss ur kid's or ur nephew/niece's childhood for a job .. then u just aint with it man !!happiness is truly in a kid's smile .. and to believe this ... just make a kid smile once ... try it !!

and now .. i sign off ..
posted by Ipshi @ 3:32 pm  
  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:29:00 am, Anonymous MG said…

    http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=luciifer thats where i blog on

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:29:00 am, Anonymous viv said…

    my knowledge of heraclitus is confineed mostly to Umberto Eco, i am afraid. enjoyed reading this article. also very intrigued about 'free wine tasting at Sula Vineyards'...

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:30:00 am, Anonymous Vinod Rajan said…

    dont bother if anyone is commenting or not. do your own thing.

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