Thursday, November 19, 2009
Plan in leisure, repent in haste!
The mall I was working in was one of the oldest in Dubai. (It’s even featured in a couple of Hindi movies back when Dubai was a cool place to be I guess) The customers were mostly Indian and I made atleast one friend a day. But now I’m in an office surrounded by people I don’t really have much in common with. But hopefully, once I understand what exactly it is that they wish me to do, things in general and this job in specific will become much more easier to live with.

What I love the most about my job is that I am truly amazed by my boss. He has impeccable product knowledge of books and book retailing as well as an amazing knack of handling people well. How can you not respect that?

Today I just got a batch of free books, ahh I feel like the dark clouds are lifting already! There I go, being in the here and now again, without a thought for the future. Aren’t reams and reams written telling people how to do that? And millions of people pay money to learn that as well. Well I'm really getting worried about how I'm never worried at all! I’d really like to see a book that says “Wake up you dolt, can’t you see your money and your life are passing you by while you sit around enjoying your immaturity!”

Even now that I’m earning here, all I can think of is how I finance a trip to Europe first. But maybe that’s why I took up this job; so I can finally travel the world and see the places I’ve dreamed of and even those that I’d never dreamed I’d see?

So I’ve spent my free time today calculating which city has the most cost-effective tickets from Dubai, Rome, Paris, London or Oslo. Paris it is! I can get return tickets for half my salary. Isn’t that awesome, I can probably spend the other half on food and hotels? Or will those be more expensive?

Any suggestions about where to go first? France or Italy or Greece or England or Spain or New York or Switzerland or Australia? God, so so so much to do and see. Can’t possibly do all of Europe together, that’ll be one helluva bank-breaking trip! So how should I break it up.? Write in with advice please.

And oh yes, please remember… this is money that I haven’t even earned yet! Joy oh joy!

Special mention to my dear dear Asha for whose wedding I will not be around in person. Truly sorry dear one but I wish you all the very best with everything. Big round of hugs all around!

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posted by Ipshi @ 7:35 pm  
  • At Thu Nov 19, 08:28:00 pm, Blogger anand said…

    It's kinda unbelievable (i mean it in the positive sense) how you cam manage to keep yourself busy, no matter what! First things first, it's great to see you back on your blog!

    As for your immaturity, I think it only crops up when you don't have much to do! lol...

    Love the picture you've put in the previous post.. it truly exemplifies Dubai at its best, and worst, without a need to mention the sand again!

  • At Sat Nov 21, 09:05:00 pm, Blogger swagata said…


    Am glad you've revived your blog. You should do some food reviews like you did earlier :)

    Lots of love,

  • At Mon Nov 23, 05:15:00 pm, Blogger kaly said…

    Paris would be great, muesuems, longwalks, food is flippin expensive, their metro is one of the oldest. Spain is also good. swiss alps are cool . but if u go to france i d say u rather go to a countryside . the countryside in europe is awesome, oh btw if u are into concrete jungles and tall buildings ,countryside is a boring place

  • At Sun Jun 13, 12:41:00 pm, Blogger Ryan said…

    If you didnt like the comments you could have just removed me from your friends list, you didnt have to report facebook has deleted my account Ipshita...

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