Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Delhi Rocks ... at times !!

hey there ppl ... sorry i didnt write in anythin for a while.. i cant really say i was real busy .. well actually i cant say that at all !! cos i still hadnt nothing to do .. it was just that someone really imp is going out of town for a while and i just didnt feel very creatively inclined .. does that garner a sympathy vote? i wish !! lol

now for an explanation for the song ... im a member at this site called POPOMUNDO which is an online role-playing game where u can live the life of a virtual pop star and its amazing .. so anyways ... for that i wrote this song and frankly tho its very morbid, morose and depressing .. I LOVE IT !!

i know i know .. i aint expecting the same reaction from u .. but any reaction at all wud b velcome !! iv never written a song before so i dont really know bout meters, or tempos or whathavus .. just writin as i go along u know ...

lets make this blog a bit interactive ... tell me if im alone in this .. but im simply unable to brood !! u know the ability to go over a fight or argument over and over an over again ..i simply cant do it .. i hav a fite and get over it and laugh and joke and get on wit my life as well .. while i see ppl festerin over issues that r long gone and forgotten... well.. atleast forgotten by me !!

now i ask u this .. am i right or am i really superficial?

review for the day ...travel to a place uv never been before all alone .. (book a hotel in advance tho) .. my office sent me on this trip to delhi for training ..i was terrified cos of the foll -

1. never travelled alone before,
2. Never been to delhi before,
3. Didnt know anyone at all over there

But lemme also add this ... it was the best 3 weeks of my life !! iv made friendships that will last a lifetime and bought stuff which will last long too.. i really hope anyways.
posted by Ipshi @ 3:54 pm  
  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:37:00 am, Anonymous Anusha said…

    Well, its not about being superficial at all. Its just the person you are. In fact its one of the best qualities you could have, don't know what you're complaining about. Some people are more sensitive and won't let go of a memory that hurt them. So you tend to brood. I just think you need to strike the balance between being carefree and sensitive so that while you've got over something, you don't hurt the other person again. But then again, if you could balance everything in life, you'd be perfect. And who'd be interested in you then :)

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:39:00 am, Anonymous MG said…

    different people have a different approach 2 life.n i kinda prefer yahoo chess

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