Thursday, July 06, 2006
i think every blog iv ever visited has a post called general ramblings .... that just go on and on about nothing in general. however, my blog has till now been about my life, the people iv met, the places iv been to and the various experiences iv had. how much is it relevant to others, i dont really know. i write primarily for my friends and myself ... and cos i wanna get into the habit of writing for writing's sake.

there r ppl who say that writing is a very cathartic and therapeutic experience (content development is what we need catharsis from) i just need to write things down cos there is so much always going on in my head and i just need to get it out. now lets get down to business shall v?

i had so much fun on andoo's b'day and mine ... they're just 2 days apart so v tried a lot to give quality time to each other .. tho he did get disappointed cos on my b'day i wasnt around for very long .. but its very heart warming to see someone get upset cos u cant spend enuf time wit them... v saw hera pheri and hated it ... v went to thai lotus and loved it .. we sat and talked about everything and nothing and it was one of the best days of my life... im sooo thankful to hav a friend wit whom i can talk and talk and talk and not bore or get bored!! and the best part is that im gonna spend my life wit him!

on a more sombry note... i just lost my dog cos of old age ... and i was surprised at how many people hav gone thro this anguish and how many people understand when ur in the numbed-out stage ... to all the ppl who stood by me ... i will not thank u but trust me i will always pray for u and ur doggies (if u hav had any)

now gettin un-sombry... i tried out pandora, flickr, youtube and flickster.. all of them techie things which iv enjoyed exploring!!! its nice to customise ur blog so that there is something diff in it.. tho im still trying to get a bigger template ... (andoo help!!) but that cant b worked on much cos iv been given a lot of work suddenly so iv been outta circulation on the blogging front... iv been havin a really tough fortnight or so .. horrible deadlines ... i am told to do stuff that had to b delivered y'day!! reona sent me a postcard ... really cool na?? i hav the reply all ready and stuff but i havnt been able to mail her ... bad bad me!! o well ... i hope i remember when i can do something about it ... more rambles for later ... tata
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