Tuesday, July 18, 2006
blockin blogs???????
today i felt like someone had cut off my oxygen line when i was 5000 ft below sea level ... treading water ... why u may ask...

that is because india's govt. has banned blogging sites like blogspot.com.. can u imagine???? this is supposed to be a democratic country!! they say it is to stop terrorists from interacting thro blogs ... but shudnt the "intelligence of this country"find out who r these specific blogs and who r the ppl accessing them rather than putting such a blanket ban on all things bloggy ...

ppl like me who just use the blog as a way of travelling the world or showing my friends whats happenin in my life shudnt b punished costhe intelligence thinks it cant handle blogs .... sowhat r they gonna do exactly .. read thru each and every blog in the world ????

yes granted that terrorism shud b fought at eachand every level.. butnot at thecost ofour freedom ...do u really want to alienate and anti-socializethe very law abiding citizens who make up ur city?? it is blog-happy ppl likeus who were killed on the 11th ....it is uswho rusing bloggingas a way to deal with the trauma and anguish we r going thro... plz let us survive the best way v know how ...give us today our daily blog...
posted by Ipshi @ 12:31 PM  
  • At Tue Jul 18, 01:06:00 PM, Blogger Anush said…

    Ya, it came as a startling announcement. But what's the point in banning when blogs can be accessed like we are right now. Beats the idea completely.

  • At Wed Jul 19, 06:28:00 PM, Blogger reona said…

    Yes.I am still keeping being surprised.

    I love your coutry and I have your countries's frind.
    They are very kind and smart.
    Of course you too!!!

    We need hopes and joys if we are in troubles.

    So I hope that you and your friends enjoy the life.

    I look forward to your blog.

    Yeah,it is true.
    I wish I meet with you someday!

    P.S I will send you a post card again.
    I want you to know about my country!

  • At Fri Jul 21, 03:23:00 AM, Anonymous lizze said…

    If you loose your freedoms then the terrorists have won. Freedom of speach is a VERY important!!

    Do youvknow how long this ban will last?

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