Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Matheran.... here I come !!!

and so i go on ... when the decision to leave crossword was made i knew there was no turning back .. i was even havin problems with my health which somehow all seemed stress related .. argh never mind that

so i put up my bio online and more importantly ... i also put up my profile on goingsolo .. an online group which works on the backing of go 9.25 fm... they organise trips and parties that u can attend if u wanna meet new ppl and hang out an stuff ...

and thats where i heard bout a matheran trip they were plannin over a weekend ... at first i didnt think i cud make it cos i had an interview the same day .. but finally i ended up finishin it off just in time to b able to get my stuff and meet the group i was to travel with !! well .. it actually wasnt quite in time cos i made them wait over 3 hrs !! lol !!

but thats when i met them ... Aparna , Bhaskar and Kim, some of the the best accidental friends anybody cud ever hav made !! We all got along right from the start ... i felt specially blessed cos i went along for the trip with a lot of nervousness cos i didnt really know ppl there ... but everythin just went amazing... well... most of it atleast ... except for mr.jaju (the beast in this tale)

we reached matheran after a train journey till Neral of about 2 hrs and then v travelled further up to matheran by van ... our group consisted of appi, bhaskar, kim, jaju, medha and the great, wonderful MEEEEE

we threw our things together in our room at the mtdc resort and started walkin towards the market at around 5 or so ... it was a beautiful hike ... we walked and walked and walked.... it was beautiful. we were walkin along the toy-train tracks cos its stopped during the monsoons as it gets dangerous and slippy then and then this was the "july 26" monsoon!!

but we werent scared of rains then.. and we walked on and reached the market when it was already gettin dark we sat down and had garam garam vada pav and tea when it was slightly drizzling....... o it was bliss !!!

then we started our walk back and then the fun began !!! THE LIGHTS OF THE ENTIRE HILL STATION WENT OUT !! one of us went and got a torch and we started walkin back along the train track in the COMPLETE darkness !!

appi and kim were busy with horror stories ... mr jaju kept tryin to make us fall off the steep cliff we were walking along by givin us wrong directions and i ... poor me was getting mauled by miss medha's long long talons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but finally we reached the resort and i ended up having the time of my life on that trip and i hav definitely made friends that will last forever !!

so bottomline ... do take a chance once in a while ... life just might surprise u wit the kinda surprises it has to offer ... 3rd part of B&B coming up morrow

ps sorry tmitu ... tryin my best to update it as an when i can ... thanks for the support tho .. love u lots ... ladies and gentlemen ... all rise for Smita ... best friend throughout the years ... has been tolerating me since the 4th std !!!!
posted by Ipshi @ 5:01 PM  
  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:50:00 AM, Anonymous smita said…

    Hahahahaha...finally!!!! Good one!!! U just write so well, that i cant wait for u to write the next part. U wont believe the rate at which i kept 'refreshing' this page to know if the new post was in :-)) Good going ips. And i loved the special mention..hehehehhe.... my two minutes of glory ;-)) Take care and this time, hurry up and post soon.

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:50:00 AM, Anonymous marc said…

    hey! Are these Bhaskar Roy n Kim Solomon? I recall once, they both came all the way from Bandra to Dadar looking for televisions... they're the best pair of friends i've ever met! The world's reely small, btw:) Tell them a hi from Alliance Francaise de Bombay, when you meet 'em next! :) Cheers!

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anand said…

    Wow! That truly ws well written.. it brought out the crux of the matheran trip in totality... atleast as much as i knw of it. Hats off to smita! Tolerating u since the 4th std, the lady sure is a bundle of nerves! ;) hahaha.. Need to take some tips from her..

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:51:00 AM, Anonymous anup said…

    This was fun to read, specially coz I was part of the same trip and could relate to everything you said.

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