Tuesday, February 05, 2008
A proverbial day in the life of...
Yes, I am going to bore you with details... why? just because I can and well because 10 years down the line I want to remember what I used to do at this stage in my life.

Everyday I wake up at around 11 (yes, i love the luxury of that) and spend the time with myself, pottering about my house and room.
Nowadays, I am in the midst of messing up all my belongings with the firm faith that soon, an unforseen order will emerge from aforesaid chaos. That having been said, this clean-up is long overdue and is part of the very many resolutions made by me for this new year.

At around 1 I start getting ready for work, of course a lot of my time goes in just deciding what to wear. While i'll stand by my belief that I'm not a brand-conscious fashion plate, I (being as fat as i am) do love wearing things that I feel good in and for this I can spend most of my getting-ready time!

at 2 I'm out the door, making my way through congested Mumbai's over-crowded roads, trains and roads again (that's auto, train and cab) to my office.
At 3.30 I finally settle down to work, but my work actually begins at 6... In the meantime I can explore the beautiful blogland and marvel at the wonders all over the world!

I'm finally done at 10 and then, mentally exhausted, I trudge my weary way back home.
Sometimes, if i just can't sleep, i'm up till 4 just mindlessly watching TV. On an off-shoot, I often find mindless TV viewing relaxes me immensely whenever I'm too tired, too stressed out, too angry or upset. I wonder if that's healthy?!? Any views?

On most nights, however, I'm gently lulled to sleep with AA's voice in my ear.... and that's the best end to a day really... and here we go again!


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Monday, February 04, 2008
My revamp plans
As my resolution for the year, I am going to cover stuff about the city where I live and the city that I love more than myself! Mumbai, well, actually Bombay 'cos that's the name I'm accustomed to. Let's start off with a review of a restaurant I love going to...

Nando's at Inorbit Malad.

Let's get the negative stuff out of the way, it's set a little apart from the rest of the mall's food court but it's still pretty noisy; there's not a lot of variation in the menu; and veggies dont hav much choice. The desserts too are a no-go. You have the options of having a beer or wine with your meal but again, the choices are highly limited!

Now for the good part, the few choices they do have, they're very good at. They specialise in chicken and it has always been (and I've been there often) really well marinated.

Watch out for the rice as it may be on the dry side but as the service is good, you can point it out before you eat too much and get an exchange. The salads are good too and the few vegetarian options are a delight.

Of special mention are the wraps and burgers. Do not and I mean do not forget to order for the special Peri Peri (that's the spice they specialise in) lemonade - it's nothing special until you hit it with an extra dash for the special spice that's available on every table.

Everything here comes with the choice of either Extra Hot, Hot, Mild or Lemon and Herb spicing. I always opt for the extra hot sauce 'cos that's just me... but I have seen my sister and friends struggle with even the simple hot variant. So be extra careful when you order.

One of the best parts of this restaurant is that they even allow you to buy the sauces, which you can use as a marinade for chicken or vegetables back home!

Nando's Peri Peri restaurant
2nd Floor, Inorbit Mall, Malad
phone number - 28785252, 65733849

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Friday, February 01, 2008
Just a line...

Something I really liked because it's so true for me too.... thanks AA... for everything
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