Thursday, April 19, 2007
more photographs
The mist coming in on Coaker's walk... it was so beautiful....

The tribal village seen from Coaker's walk in Kodaikanal...

The great food at Rice and Spice.... and a bad experience with gooey and icky passion fruit...

The misty lake in the evening at 6.20 (special edit by the photographer :)... guess wat... v were in a shikara seeing all this around us... envy me people!!! :)

This is the lake and Kodai city from the upper lake view point....

And this is the beautiful view of the hill range to the left of Kodai city (yes i had to check the right and left directions before i wrote it down :)

This foto was acquired from a photographer's camera and then transferred... it is the view of the four pillar rocks... Again... Beautiful!!!

And now it's time for an opinion poll for the few people who read this blog... which of these fotos is better?? a or b?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
botanical garden in ooty...
The botanical garden in ooty .....

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Monday, April 16, 2007
kodai and ooty trip part 1
First mumbai to coimbatore by air costs around 7000 for a couple (by air deccan which sucks sucks ... SUCKS!!!) jet is around 9000 (MUCH BETTER OPTION). Take the flight that leaves at 8 and reaches at 10.30, and take a car upto kodai. This will cost 2000 for an non-ac indica… with ac it will cost 2400. The other option is to go to madurai but u can only get there via Chennai so its 2 separate flights. Kodai is much closer to madurai though.

In kodai, we stayed at j.c.residency, , it is a bit cut off from the rest of the city but is a very nice and comfy place to live in. it has all the luxuries u mite look for. Kodai is a very small town and the best thing to do is to keep a couple of taxi wala guys fone number handy, I have some and will pass them on to u if ur defi going :)

The best place to eat there is “rice and spice” very near the hilltop towers, have the appams and iddiappams there every evening, the waiters are so sweet and enthu there!! They also hav non-veg stuff there but u can easily avoid that… also be careful u don’t eat any parathas or parottas there because those are not the real parathas but actually a bhaji made of rotis, vegetables and onions!!! The food at j.c.residency is also very good!!

Hire a taxi to take u siteseeing around kodai for a day and go especially to the green valley view point to do ur shopping for spices, oils and a special kind of bath scrub which is made of amazing herbs and smells so goooooooood that u will go crazy!!
Carry woollens with u no matter when u go!! a cuple of heavy woolens in summer and artic kind clothing in winter (im guessing)... i was freezing even with a sweater and a shawl!!!!!!! thank god for my mom who advised me to carry a couple of sweaters just in case.

The lake is a great and beautiful place to be.. they even have wannabe shikaras which even has fake flowers for the all out kitschy effect!!! One more place that has to be seen is the pine forest which is so so soooooooo beautiful!! Do not go to any of the cheapo chaadar badli hotels around there which even have horrible muddy water in the taps!!!!
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