Monday, May 29, 2006
here v go again ....
iv had a very long and eventful life... even tho im just 23!! iv had stalkers, obsessive people, bad friends, badder friends and horrible friends.

the worst i think r the hackers.... some of my good and normal friends, especially those who've been around for a while like smita and asha for example.... have been witness to the many times my email has been hacked into or been deleted completely .. i used to have a web site in the good old days and even that wasn't spared ...

and now its happened all over again ... my orkut profile has been completely and totally removed .. without any rhyme or reason ... my bad karma has struck again ... me and the internet hav a 36 ka aakda i think :( .. hopefully, getting married to a techie might help ;)

overall ... iv been havin an uneventful life, iv held out a friendly hand to someone who i was in a cold war with.... my office has shifted to another place and i havent gotten much time to post here :( .... i cant wait for the 5th .. cos that spells freedom for me and anand ... hurrah ... june also brings along our birthdays .... MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 17TH !!! PLZ REMEMBER !!!

i saw a series of unfortunate events finally ... and finally i was disappointed ... and i cud say the same for fanaa as well ... cos id been waitin forever to see it and blah .. was i let down !!!! the only good part was the company i had ;)

someone has anonymously commented on my blog .. wish i knew who it was so i cud thank him :) ... god bless everyone who reads what iv written .. whether u like it or not .. does anybody know why im being so nice .. i'll tell u ... I DONT WANNA UPSET ANYONE NO MORE !!! duh !!

And now for a goodwill gesture -- My style (less fattening) Chocolate Soda

  1. Get a tall glass.
  2. Spoon 1 inch of Chocolate Syrup into the glass.
  3. Add 1 inch of milk over the syrup.
  4. Pour in soda making a nice foamy head to top of the glass. The foam will turn an egg-white color.
  5. Stir vigorously with a long spoon to mix the chocolate and milk into the foam.
  6. Enjoy the true experience by sipping it slowly with a long straw. Use the straw to stir in between sips.
  7. MOST IMP !!! Allow yourself to make sipping noise with the straw as you clean up the foam around the edge of the glass.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
My life in Popomundo
There is this amazing site that iv mentioned before called Popomundo. It basically allows you to live the life of a popstar. u have to do the following while makin sure that ur characters mood and health dont go so down that they land in hospital...
get ur character a job,
make them form a group,
write them songs,
make them practise their songs,
arrange their concerts,
make them practise skills like singing and showmanship etc,
record albums,
make videos and god knows what not!!!

and along with all this u can get tattoos, spray graffiti, become a detective and read other people's dairies, become paparazzi, own companies, stores, clubs, run in elections, become a criminal, arrest a criminal, fall in love, make out and hav children out of wedlock.. get the man u think is the dad to get a paternity test, travel around the world for a world tour, and make a lot of friends !!!!

sounds kool na .. now lemme tell u why im talkin bout all this !!! cos i wrote this article as my popomundo-version -- Toya Mauldin and even tho they hav editors and all there ... IT GOT PUBLISHED !!! here it is people !!! i will explain all the parts u find confusing .. so just ask me what u need to know !!!

My life in Popomundo

Hey Popo people!! Though it's been a long time since I've been trying to make it in New York, I stay depressed!! What can I say... every small thing affects me!!

If my band mate doesn’t talk to me, or I have to read too long ... or someone else buys the book I have my eye on ... or even if I see the huge prices of the books I really really want (like the detective or graffiti ones) or I have a jam session or a show. Everything depresses me.

I know I know... I should go to higher quality places to jam and I should have better shows ... but I need money for all that... or I need to be VIP. Neither of which I can afford. Boohoo!! Don't worry… I am not going to beg … not this publicly anyway.

I improve on my skills every now and then. But I can’t do that for very long either because I just end up sobbing in a corner with the book in my hand. And that’s not very good for the book either. Some I can’t read anymore because the pages are all tear-stained.

When my band-mate joined, I was on a high for a while... but as a male rock star (no matter how bad) he gets all the girls ... why would he be interested in me now??? O what do I do??

I came to Los Angeles for a while and things have just gotten worse! I’m going back home now... I think I need my mommy! I’m sure that I’m going to make it somehow even though I might go up and down the ladder of success. But if u notice me walking down the road sometime ... atleast stop and smile... it might just save me from ending up in hospital!!!

Author: Toya Mauldin
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Ciudad de México or Mexico City or No.14 !!
During my research about this city, I found out some bittersweet things. No.1, Mexico city has more pollution, more traffic, more homelessness and much more crime and corruption than Mumbai. Is that a good or bad thing?

I guess Mexico City doesn’t have much of a choice about the pollution cos the mountains and volcanoes surrounding the city trap polluted air in the city. The scariest news I read was about the numerous kidnappings that happen, not only for ransom but also to be able to access the person’s ATM accounts. Victims are kept overnight in order to bypass daily withdrawal limits.
Apparently no one trusts the police force there either… but the people there instead of taking it silently like we do revolt. e.g. a crowd in burned two undercover officers alive, because they were apparently confused with child abductors!!

Did I do wrong by giving the gloomy stuff first … sorry... here goes the rosy stuff

Mexico was actually an original pre-Aztec city known as Tenochtitlan(pronounced teyo-ti-wa-kan) - built by the Toltecs (predecessors to the Aztecs) and is the site of several pyramids, including the world's third largest pyramid!! Then it was taken over by the Aztecs and then the Spanish. And then came the U.S. invasion which led to Texas being given to the states and also led to Mexicans wrapping themselves in the Mexican flag and jumping to their deaths to keep the Americans from taking them.

by the by ... the Aztecs used to sacrifice something like 20000 people per year to their god Huitzilopochtli (the hummingbird god????) nice pastime yea?

Famous landmarks in Mexico City include The Zócalo which once contained the pyramids and palaces of Moctezuma and was the exact center of the Aztec empire. Within walking distance are the ancient Aztec temple ruins Templo Mayor which was found while digging to place underground cables.

Bellini is a revolving restaurant which is on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center and offers great views. There is the beautiful Angel of Independence on the elegant avenue Paseo de la Reforma. There are many places here, where you will feel like you are in a different world.
The Chapultepec Park houses the Chapultepec Palace museum and other monuments and the national zoo. The Bellas Artes Palace, which is gradually been sinking into the ground below, is also situated here.

The colonias, like Condesa and Lomas de Chapultepec and the suburbs of San Angel and Coyoacan along with the Floating gardens of Xochimilco are all beautiful. The ancient floating gardens have been around for about 700 years and still operate, as they did in Aztec times. In addition there are several restored Haciendas that are now restaurants such as the San Angel Inn, and the Hacienda de los Morales, which have the best food in the world.

There are bullfights (which should be completely banned … poor bulls), charreadas or Mexican rodeos which people here watch for amusement. For my kinda amusement, namely, shopping there are the Mercados which are range in size from small, flea markets to outdoor ones to elaborate buildings with 200 or 300 stalls. Sometimes, shops are located in converted colonial mansions which sell curios and trinkets, custom jewelry, fine gold and pearls.

Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo (thats her in the foto)lived in the southern suburb of Coyoacán, where several of their homes, studios, and collections are open to the public.
Día de los Muertos is the festival of the dead in which family members bring marigolds, light candles and decorate the graves of loved ones. During this time, edible coffins and sugar skulls and bones, as well as papier-mâché skeletons are all available. YUMMMMM

I also found out that Mexico city is built on a lake and keeps sinking cos of it and every year .. more steps are added to the angel monument!!! And lastly … check this out!!!

Now... about the food!!!!

Tortillas are the staple food here and are commonly made of maize. Often served alongside a meal as like rotis, tortillas can also be rolled and baked for enchiladas, fried for tacos or grilled for quesadillas.

Frijoles or beans are most commonly boiled and then fried.

A Salsa is actually just a sauce, although it is most commonly associated with the red or green mix of tomatoes, onion, chili and coriander.

Tequila is most commonly served to tourists in the form of a margarita – mixed with lime juice in salt-rimmed glasses. It is actually derived from the maguey plant – a spiky bush often seen growing in fields.

Mezcal is a cruder form of Tequila traditionally served with a worm – the worm should be eaten when the drink is finished!

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
whats up with me...

Lately everything is just a little abnormal ... u know what i mean .. just something which is a little off but not so different that u wud straight away remember it ?? have u ever had one of those ??

i remembered that i hadnt written in my blog anything about a play i saw.. well the play was nothing new .. it was the age old mid summer night's dream.. but it was treated very very differently .. mainly the fact that everyone was talking in a different language .. there were 7 different languages used in all!!

english, hindi, malayalam, tamil, sinhalese, urdu, bengali .. out of these i didnt know 3 .. but since i knew the story ... it was pretty nice !! there was a lot of athletics involved ... in fact for nearly 15 mins or so .. one of the lead characters (titania) was shown as sleeping .. and the whole time she was lying in a cloth shaped like a tear drop which was suspended from the ceiling. (see the red cloth hanging in the middle?)

but the only drawback i cud see was that it was unnecessarily physical ... everytime the characters went off-stage .. they came back with lesser clothes .. at one point one of the guys started takin off his belt !!! that was it .. i cudnt take it anymore and i said (pretty loudly, anybody who knows me knows how loud i am) u gotta b kidding me or some such .. hehehe

Then i had my little niece, Ananya celebrating her 3rd happy birthday!! there were all those lil kiddies running around the place with whistles in their mouth .. and i was liberally dusted with gold powder that we'd used to make up her name for the decorations !!

before that id gone in for a script reading session .. that was sooooo kool!! there was this director and writer readin out the bound script for an upcoming hindi movie "break ke baad" which is gonna hav a-list stars in it and everythin!! its basically a take on the t.v. news industry and how they r very capable of doin anything for advertisin revenue !!! cant wait for it to get released... best part .. they paid for the fare and gave us a nice little gift :)

then we'd gone for this really bad "designer clothes sale" of which the only good part was the parathas v had after v got out of that place.. amazing parathas ... diff diff fillings .. all totally yummy!!

of course ... i must tell ppl about the great time i had at a sleepover !! it was just 3 of us (friends from office) who had a glorious time !! i even got my nails painted.. sorry to eishu for whom everything went wrong that day and she cudnt join in ... thanks to anoooosha an josie for a grrrrrrrrrrrreat time tho !!

this weekend i saw 36 china town .. it was a pretty so-so movie .. i liked the presentation of the movie even tho in many ways it was pretty slip-shod .. the dancing was expressively bad .. they looked like amateur high school versions... the back up dancers were horrendous !!!!!!!!!! they directors must've held a contest for the ugliest and sexually ambiguest ppl who can dance or something cos all the guys .. well didnt look like guys at all !!

the acting was pretty ok .. dialogues were pretty funny ... except for some which were vulgar ... the worst part of the movie and an image that will haunt me forever tho .. would b the scene were u see paresh rawal's hairy, unfit body in tiny swimming trunks .. theres no other way to say it but mr.rawal .. ur a great actor .. but the world is not ready for ur body!!!! anyways .. i had a good time .. why u ask ... the movie had shahid kapur :) .. sorry andooo... just being honest ...

and the next day .. my andoo got me flowers cos i was havin a spectacularly bad day at home .. again .. thanks a lot !!! i also saw ice age 2 ... ya ya .. i had conjunctivitis ... but i only saw them aaram aaram se .. and after all i hav to spend some time with my hubby also na !!! ice age 2 is pretty funny ... especially the possums ... i loved the concept of the mammoth thinking it was a possum cos it was brought up by them :)

iv joined the gym as well ... im finally taking control of my fast-spiralling-out-of-control life !!! i did cardio on my first work out .. heres to a fitter, healthier me !!!!!!!!!
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