Thursday, October 19, 2006
What's up?
Hello people (that is if anyone reads this other than eisha and josy who i will force and of course Anand... the biggest reason im back here)

yes .. since no one has missed me .. lemme tell u that its been exactly 2 months and 5 days that i havent written anythin here ... its been a long and horrible time for me... my bosses discovered that i didnt hav any work an put me to work on a project that i dont think i will ever recover from!!

of course i cud given u long and winded examples of how horrible the project was and of all the ways it got more and more convulated each
day .. but whats the fun in that?? no actually i think it cud b pretty funny.. so lemme tell u of instances where we have new content coming in for a project which is going to be delivered the next day.

we have to work wit software which plays around wit itself so much that everytime we publish it v dont know which page will pop up when the next button is pressed!!

but all's well at this moment and thats y im writing... i think writing about it will help me survive it... and maybe a couple of years down the line i cud even
laugh about the fact that i managed in a project that was so well-managed (sarcasm here)

however.. this project has also brought to my attention the fact that my blog has been read by my boss... or so she mentioned in passing when i told her that im quittin!!

yes .. u did read right .. iv quit my job .. true freedom is mine at last .. or will be for about 2 days ... cos 2 days after i quit .. i havta join another company... how will it be .. i dunno.. just hope the whole frying pan and
fire cliche doesnt come true...

im thinking that my time to be happy might just b back ... my personal rough patches are also getting smoothened down by Him and tho the scars remain .. hopefully it will make us stronger... so heres to the future in more ways than one.
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