Wednesday, May 03, 2006
whats up with me...

Lately everything is just a little abnormal ... u know what i mean .. just something which is a little off but not so different that u wud straight away remember it ?? have u ever had one of those ??

i remembered that i hadnt written in my blog anything about a play i saw.. well the play was nothing new .. it was the age old mid summer night's dream.. but it was treated very very differently .. mainly the fact that everyone was talking in a different language .. there were 7 different languages used in all!!

english, hindi, malayalam, tamil, sinhalese, urdu, bengali .. out of these i didnt know 3 .. but since i knew the story ... it was pretty nice !! there was a lot of athletics involved ... in fact for nearly 15 mins or so .. one of the lead characters (titania) was shown as sleeping .. and the whole time she was lying in a cloth shaped like a tear drop which was suspended from the ceiling. (see the red cloth hanging in the middle?)

but the only drawback i cud see was that it was unnecessarily physical ... everytime the characters went off-stage .. they came back with lesser clothes .. at one point one of the guys started takin off his belt !!! that was it .. i cudnt take it anymore and i said (pretty loudly, anybody who knows me knows how loud i am) u gotta b kidding me or some such .. hehehe

Then i had my little niece, Ananya celebrating her 3rd happy birthday!! there were all those lil kiddies running around the place with whistles in their mouth .. and i was liberally dusted with gold powder that we'd used to make up her name for the decorations !!

before that id gone in for a script reading session .. that was sooooo kool!! there was this director and writer readin out the bound script for an upcoming hindi movie "break ke baad" which is gonna hav a-list stars in it and everythin!! its basically a take on the t.v. news industry and how they r very capable of doin anything for advertisin revenue !!! cant wait for it to get released... best part .. they paid for the fare and gave us a nice little gift :)

then we'd gone for this really bad "designer clothes sale" of which the only good part was the parathas v had after v got out of that place.. amazing parathas ... diff diff fillings .. all totally yummy!!

of course ... i must tell ppl about the great time i had at a sleepover !! it was just 3 of us (friends from office) who had a glorious time !! i even got my nails painted.. sorry to eishu for whom everything went wrong that day and she cudnt join in ... thanks to anoooosha an josie for a grrrrrrrrrrrreat time tho !!

this weekend i saw 36 china town .. it was a pretty so-so movie .. i liked the presentation of the movie even tho in many ways it was pretty slip-shod .. the dancing was expressively bad .. they looked like amateur high school versions... the back up dancers were horrendous !!!!!!!!!! they directors must've held a contest for the ugliest and sexually ambiguest ppl who can dance or something cos all the guys .. well didnt look like guys at all !!

the acting was pretty ok .. dialogues were pretty funny ... except for some which were vulgar ... the worst part of the movie and an image that will haunt me forever tho .. would b the scene were u see paresh rawal's hairy, unfit body in tiny swimming trunks .. theres no other way to say it but mr.rawal .. ur a great actor .. but the world is not ready for ur body!!!! anyways .. i had a good time .. why u ask ... the movie had shahid kapur :) .. sorry andooo... just being honest ...

and the next day .. my andoo got me flowers cos i was havin a spectacularly bad day at home .. again .. thanks a lot !!! i also saw ice age 2 ... ya ya .. i had conjunctivitis ... but i only saw them aaram aaram se .. and after all i hav to spend some time with my hubby also na !!! ice age 2 is pretty funny ... especially the possums ... i loved the concept of the mammoth thinking it was a possum cos it was brought up by them :)

iv joined the gym as well ... im finally taking control of my fast-spiralling-out-of-control life !!! i did cardio on my first work out .. heres to a fitter, healthier me !!!!!!!!!
posted by Ipshi @ 11:38 am  
  • At Thu May 11, 01:02:00 pm, Blogger Anush said…

    First things first. Very happy that you've decided to get in the fitness mode. I just know how tough it is to convince the body to move those limbs around a bit more than into the closest chair or rickshaw. Here's to a long and healthy life!

    And and,,,,,,,when did somebody become 'hubby'?

    And of course, the sleep over was fun,,,,lets have more of them. :-) and with eisha this time. Eisha you bum, heard that? :)

  • At Thu May 11, 01:22:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello sweetypie!

    First time on your site, and what a site! Terrific! Was looking for some interesting place to visit in my vacation. Just found it :-) We'll be here again soon.

    Lots of love,

  • At Thu May 11, 01:29:00 pm, Anonymous anand said…

    Hey Ipshi, amazingly well written post! it brings back memories of all the time when we spent together.. all of these incidents revsited!

    During the play, your reaction to the guy takin off his belt was the most honest feedback anyone would have given! and it was a loud, "Oh.. no no no!", very loud!

    You din't mention about me winning in the 'Tail the Cat' game! Its okie.. forgiven!
    Lets see what the final product is like, especially after all the feedback given by all of us! Looking forward to watching "break ke baad", ofcourse with you!

    The parathas were simply amazing, tasted better in your comany, oh no no, im not buttering it up! ;)
    Though i wasn't with you for the sleepover, (please do not misunderstand in any of the many ways it can be..) had a lot of fun playing Cluedo with you, Anooooosha and Josie!
    Anooooosha, she just forgot to add the "to-be" before the hubby!

    As usual great pics, keep it up! Definately more flowers coming your way, plz accept without the vote/note of thanks!
    Take care and God Bless!

  • At Thu May 11, 01:53:00 pm, Blogger eisha said…

    ya i heard that anusha :( just nothing was working out for me that day. Anyways, v'll have it again.
    And yes Ipshi, the word that caught my attention as well was, hubby he...he...
    cute, u r already in that mode :)
    And congrats for finally taking the big leap. Nobody from our goup dared to do this, u plz prove us all wrong and make this gym thing a hit!
    ....and yes Anand, Ipshi was loud, but guess that was required. We all were shocked, it was just too much. And to top it all, a colleague said that he found the nudity asthetic and a necessary part of the play. Phew! i for sure dnt understand art then.

  • At Thu May 11, 07:21:00 pm, Anonymous Smita said…

    Awesome post. Atleast theres sum way we lesser fortunate people (read asha and me)..get to know abt u!!!!!!

    Keep us updated miss.

    P.S. .... i really dread typing those ajeeb it compulsory "everytime" ??

  • At Fri May 26, 01:52:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a great site, how do you build such a cool site, its excellent.

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