Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Best cities in the world !! No.20 TOKYO
Hello peeps !!! after yesterday's debacle ... lemme get back on track ... starting today im gonna focus on something really cool ... well... atleast for me!!!

Have you ever seen discovery channel's travel and living channel? It completely rocks except for when they show the bloody bikes and stuff ... but they usually show amazing things like places that uv never heard of .. things u never knew could be ... once they even had a spot which showcased the top 20 ice cream joints in the us .. granted i mite never go there ... but watching it in itself was a amazing treat !!!! http://www.travelandlivingindia.com

And once there was this show which chronicled the Top 20 Best Cities of the World (BCW)... and guess what ... even Delhi made an appearance at no.19 .. cool huh? (ya ya eisha .. stop preenin so much) maybe they hadnt heard of Bombay but never mind !!

Granted that I mite not even go to even half of these places .. but im gonna dream and u can join me for the ride .... gimme feedback and temme what to add or subtract !!

So today we start with No.20 ... Tokyo !!

It has temples ... the Asakusa-Kannon Temple has been in existence since the city's foundation. It is also one of the most popular temples in Tokyo. Next is the Meiji Shrine, built in 1920, is dedicated to Emperor Meiji, it is one of the most popular Shinto places to worship. (my moms installed an aversion for temples in me ... NEXT..)

Then comes the Imperial Palace which is a huge attraction, but it is only open to the public for two days a year. It has the The Imperial Palace East Garden and The Music Room as its attractions. (hmm .. restricted entry ... I like it !!!)

Next, the Ueno Park is the largest park in Tokyo and is home the The Tokyo National Museum, an Aquarium - one of the largest in Asia and the Zoo in Ueno Park is the oldest zoological garden in Japan and is connected by a monorail. ( i love chuk chuk gaadis)

Shinjuku is the nightspot area with jazz cellars, caf├ęs and an underground mall and department stores. ( i promise i wont shop ... too much!!)

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a botanical garden and can be divided into two main sections, Japanese and European. The Japanese section has influences from China, while the European section is influenced by the landscaped English garden and French parks. Depending on when you go either cherry blossoms (April) or chrysanthemums (November) may be in bloom. (always wanted to see them cherry blossom thingies)

The most famous shopping district in Tokyo is Ginza. which also has the Kabukiza Theater where performances of Kabuki are held. (i wanna see make up wala plays !!)

With over 100 secondhand shops Kanda is one of the largest bookshop districts in the world. (will be my most favorite place i bet!!)

The most beautiful park is the Korakuen Park which includes a lake, the Kantokutei teahouse and a sports center.

And if culture is getting a bit too much for you ... head down to Disneyland with its standardized and copyrighted fairytale princesses !!!

p.s. plz gimme feedback on the images !!!

posted by Ipshi @ 10:33 AM  
  • At Tue Mar 07, 03:47:00 PM, Anonymous eisha said…

    Loved the images. Good to know more abt Japan, though was reading as fast as i cud. I love to explore places, but hate to read abt them, but then, u always make things interesting, so good job done.
    These pictures made ur blog look so....colourful, specially after that crying baby in black and white.
    Keep smiling always, we love u this way, muah!

  • At Tue Mar 07, 04:42:00 PM, Anonymous Smita said…

    Nice :-)) I liked the fotos.one of them is my wallpaper currently :-))

    And definitely these people havent heard of Bombay :-))

    Glad to have u back as the cheerful person i love :-)) Be this way always :-))

    P.S. why do i always have to enter funny alphabets once i leave my comment????

  • At Wed Mar 08, 01:09:00 AM, Anonymous anand said…

    First of all, a hearty Congrats!!! you finally have a working, and much more colorful blog!! i like this one more.. Keep it up, muah!

    Apologies for not being regular, reasons best unexplained!

    Wow.. this post is really motivating me to start planning for a world tour!

    I have read about the diversity in the Japanese culture and Tokyo being a perfect amalgamation of urban, western and traditional scapes, but this was a real good n well written piece of information.. :) (pat on the back, light one, taking care it doesn't hurt..)

    However, you haven't mentioned anything about the traditional clothes and cuisines in Tokyo.. slurpy noodles & awesome seafood!

    Amazing pics.. good effort, great hunt! really like the kids in the kimono.

    Last but not least.. take oodles of care and get well soooon.. want you back & kicking (as long as im not the target!) God Bless & lotsa luv!

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