Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Regression Therapy!!!

My blog's been read over 200 times !!!!!!!

iv joined the esteemed company of double centenarions like tendly and gavaskar and god knows how many more ... but bachcha log its alllllllll cos of u good ppl !! well ... mostly cos ur the ppl who've refreshed the page again an again so that the hit counter increased every time!!

today I read about past life regression, apparently it really helps in many ways ... u understand the karmic cycle which in turn helps u understand why ur going thro the probs that u r going thro now .. it can b any kinda problems .... emotional, physical, anything !!!

the book also says that at the time of death, the soul which is eternal ... chooses the next body to inhabit and mostly ppl who r close in one life are also close in another one ... for ex. a guy and his daughter in the present life were lovers in the past where he lost her due to a turn of events ... and in this life, the daughter has cancer and he comes for the therapy cos he cant handle the thot of losing her now ... bottomline.. cos of the therapy everything became fine ... the girl was ok.. the family was happy .. blah blah and more blah

now my questions are... doesnt the concept of using past lives to learn lessons bout ur present life go against the system of karma, what if these r lessons we were never meant to learn.... maybe in that guys case, losing his daughter was an endless cycle which had to happen in every life, now that shes not gonna die doesnt it affect the whole concept of what the future was supposed to be like?

i know that there is one school of thought which says that "destiny is what we make of it" but seriously can v change the future so easily .. by going in for the supposedly right kinda therapy at the supposedly right time??

i find this even more funny cos theres a part in the therapy where the guy is "progressed" into future lives, where he talks about long vehicles which move in the air and freeways that exist at sky level and pigs that fly (ok i made that last part up)... anyways in the progression, he talks about his future lives where hes again gonna lose his daughter who is now his son and hes the mother and then the doc says that since hes learned his karmic lesson in this life itself, he need not go thro the pain and loss again!!

now this is unexplainable on so many different levels that its almost funny !!

no1. firstly, i thot the souls decided which body to inhabit at the time of death ... bzzzzzzzzz... wrong, all the souls already know all the bodies they r ever gonna inhabit!!! very very hard to believe !!

no2. souls of family members and friends always travel in packs and they always find bodies in the same family??

no3. future lives can b changed very simply by learning ur lessons now.. but if u were not meant to learn ur lessons now .. how did u???

confusion .... confusion.... confusion .... can anyone help me ???
posted by Ipshi @ 5:09 PM  
  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous smita said…

    Hahahaha....Such a Profound Confusion :-)) And as u already know, I cannot help in such matters :-)) And anand.....admissions to the classes abt tolerance are open...u can apply :-)) Sinceu r such a good friend of ipshi, i might just take u in without an entrance test :-)) Good writing ips....waiting for more....... :-))

  • At Wed Mar 01, 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous MG said…

    this is the so far ur best post over here!

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