Monday, March 06, 2006
Warning - Depression Ahead

Hey there people ... looong time no hear eh? well.. last week was a very very bad one for me ... in one fell swoop i hav lost on 2 counts ... my health and my family .. want more gory details? delve in !!

i have been diagnosed with spondilitis ... apparently my ribs r tryin to get on my nerves - and while that mite sound funny lemme add ITS NOT- i hav been walkin around with an arched back and even sneezing hurts!!!

and iv also had a horrific fight with my one and only sister because of the person shes chosen to spend her life with and since i dont do things exactly how he thinks they shud be done .. i am the devil itself. Therefore ... viva marriages and down with sisterhood !!

after u let go of someone u care about ... wat do u do ... these are the following options that i see..

1. wallow in self pity
2. think of all the hurtful things u cud do to get back
3. keep wallowing in the afore mentioned pity
4. cry
5. let go of the one person uv ever looked up to just because their worse halves think u dont amount to shit !!

o well ... lemme end on a positiver note ...

i saw crash .. and its won the oscar for best picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

that movie rules !!! its really very well made !! and i definitely recommend it to everybody ... and lemme know ur feelings ... tho i must say .. if ur looking for a fun filled time .. then its not for u !!
posted by Ipshi @ 10:28 AM  
  • At Mon Mar 06, 11:29:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow maam, u really do take the cake!!
    Here i am going blue in the face just trying to keep 2 volcanoes from erupting over each other and u, u ( the person i thought wld understand) tells me i chose marriage over sisterhood, wow, hats off, seriously. all i want 2 say now is, when u have a cool head, just think over our relationship for the past almost 2 dozen years and then think of what all u have said 2 me in your last 2 sms's and this last posting. On my part all i can say is that u have managed 2 repeat what happened on 20th april '97, kill a part of me....take a bow, u've earned it....

  • At Mon Mar 06, 08:00:00 PM, Anonymous Smita said…

    Oops ips....tough week. I hope u get well soon and recover fast from that spondilitis.

    And abt ur fight with didi.... spare a teeny weeny little thought for her....she's caught between two people she loves most!!!

    No matter how difficult, just get over certain things....for the sake of ur sis and the two little bachchas who love u so much!! :-))

    I know its easier said than done.....but all the best :-)) I know u'll do it :-))

    And ips.....take care of urself.....i cant bear the thought that u r not well :-(( Get well soon ipsssssssssssssss. Mmmmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhh :-)) I m sure the kiss will help to get well soon. Hai naa?? ;-))

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