Wednesday, March 01, 2006
When, Why, How

When I was just a little girl, I was boring… terribly so!! I might as well admit it now, and it wasn't that I was a geek; I was average even on that count. So, I was the most boring specimen of girlhood ever. But I was good at talking and boy did I use that skill well!!
When I was in the second standard or so, my teacher caught me while I was chatting away. I was then told to stand with my back to the classroom next to the teacher’s desk … but what are such obstacles to the champion chatterer?
I kept turning around and chatting to the people around me and it was then that I noticed the horrible thing Mona, my “friend” was doing.
She was using my Pencil, even though she knew how important IT was to me. It was an imported pencil that came with a colorful eraser that actually erased really well; and everybody knows that combination is such a rarity.
And so, as soon as I got the chance of getting back to my seat, I – and I’m not proud of this- pounced on her and scratched her on her arms. She started bawling – obviously- and looking at her, I started bawling too!!
We were taken to the principal’s office where I was given a lovely dressing down. I still remember Sister Thelma’s face… she looked so disappointed. And when my mom came during lunch time, she rushed to that girl first and apologized so tearfully that Mona’s mom has been a great friend of my mom’s ever since!!
O well, all’s well that ends well I guess… I learnt quite a few lessons that day.
I learnt violence doesn’t pay and I learnt this pretty early in life.
I also learnt that not having a pencil is better than having a pencil and making my mom cry. Basically... nothing is more important than the feelings of those who care about you.And oh yes, I made a new best friend!!
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  • At Wed Mar 01, 01:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anusha said…

    God, this was so hilarious. I like the description and your memory. I can just imagine what a pain you would have been as a young school kid-chattering away without any mercy.

  • At Wed Mar 01, 07:19:00 PM, Anonymous Smita said…

    hahahaha.....good one. I have heard this from u a million times.....but to read it again after so many years.....feels good. But just a correction...ur best friends r ASHA AND ME....mona is a 'good friend' :-)) Sorry mona :-))

    And yeah....when i joined in 4th, remember how u had intimidated me saying ur were the class prefect and that i shd listen to you :-)) hehehehe....can't believe im best friends with the first person in auxilium who scared me to my wits end :-))

    I like ur new blog ipshiiiiiiii :-))

  • At Mon Mar 06, 10:44:00 AM, Anonymous eisha said…

    After reading this real funny piece, all i cud think of were the children who made my life hell, during my stint as a teacher. What a waste, i kept councelling them hoping for some results then. Atleast now i know, they have a safe future (which wud not be limited to being a radio jockey) and can turn out to be nice people, just like u ;)

  • At Wed Mar 08, 01:23:00 AM, Anonymous anand said…

    i seems just like yesterday.. i don't think you've changed a great deal n i'm sure, faced with a situation like that, even today u'd react pretty much in a similar fashion.. discovered a new facet to your personality ;) unknowingly, you have created a monster.. not gonna let u get away without seeing your 2nd std pic(s), 'Ms. Chatterji'!!

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