Friday, March 17, 2006
No.19 is Delhi (to ur surprise and mine!!)
Guess what this is ... its a detail from the kutub minar !! yes .. one of the many architectural delights that our country has and is sadly and badly (un)looked after!!

Havin born and grown up in bombay, i think it is pretty natural for me to HATE, LOATHE and ABHOR delhi ... and to add the hardly needed fuel to the already roaring fire... iv also had to endure the completely medieval north indian mentality !!!

but lets get to the good stuff ... i was recently sent to delhi for a 3 week training period.. and much against my better judgement ... i went !! i knew absolutely no one there and i was terrified .. i had my ears full of advice about the thugs and conmen there .. about how it was VERYY unsafe there for women and that i shud just get in and stay in after 7 in the evening !!!

and so it was .. i understood the meaning of trepidation when i was waiting for the train with my parents at mumbai central station... and then i got in for my 1st solo train journey.. and then it was that i met my mr.right!!! its been 6 months to the day that i first met Anand .. and its been so great ... god bless u for everything !! AND HAPPY MONTHAVERSARY !!!!

so anyways.. i had the best train trip of my life .. cos both of us kept chattering till 1 in the mornin (typical geminis both of us) and the next morning .. we went our separate ways ... for a while atleast!!

we had our of
fice guesthouse in one little kona(corner) of delhi .. but it was lovely ... and there started my sight seeing cos Anand joined me there soon!!!

1st i went to a place called Delhi Haat .. that place rocks ... there have monthly changing stalls there ... of all kinds of handicrafts from all around india ... and amazing food stalls from all the different states too !!! MMMM .. THOSE BEAUTIFUL MOMOS !!! and those beautifuller CHAPPALS !!!

then came the turn of india gate ... which i cudnt see up close ...but then i visited the Cottage Industries Emporium. There were really beautiful things there .. but it was very obviously catering for the NRIs.. cos i cudnt really afford anything much there!!!

then we headed towards the National museum and I LOVED IT !! beautiful stuff .. beautifully presented !!

janpath also has great shops .. but theyve been spoilt by the NRIs too .. now .. simple rupee paying customers are worse than dirt !!

we also visited Lal Bahadur shastri's house and couldn't find the "smarak" or watever its called :( ... then we went to sarojini nagar .. where i shopped some more!! that place has really beautiful stuff !!! that was one of the places where the bombings took place a couple of days before divali .. i sincerely wish that none of the shop keepers i encountered there were harmed in anyway !!

then we headed onto a bit more shopping at greater kailash and general hanging out at our no.1 spot ... PVR SAKET !! god i loved that place !! be it the movie hall where i saw the supremely BAD movie "chocolate" or the tikka place or bennigan's *blush blush* ...I may not have done a lot of sight seeing .. and ppl from delhi .. plz feel free to drop in names of places i shud visit next time i go there!!!

All in all ... i loved the food there .. from the gol gappas... to the tikkas .. to the momos.. and the YUMMMMMY CHAAT !! i also loved the shopping .. i have been converted into a chappal freak .... there was so much variety there even for huge-footed ppl like me !!

and MOSTEST OF ALL ... i fell in love with the people there .. no ... not the lechy yuckos who slow down their cars to look at u .. or the horny bozos who hav to look at every female even if theres an equally DUH girl draped on their arm.

i mean the wonderful people i met there .. my amazing training buddies ... the RAPCHICK ROCKETS !!!! all of whom have enriched my life in so many ways !! im listin them here in order of class seating .. lomesh, mridu, prakash, amit, anku and poonam ... special mention for eisha .. the soul sister i met in this game of chances called life ... special mention also for A.K. .. nice guy .. thanks again for the lift !!

and specialest mention for the fruit shop of my eye, not just the apple ... who i met because of my delhi trip .. thank u for exploring this city with me .. i think i love it more cos of u .. i know v'll have many more explorations together.. both of cities and of life !! 6 months and going strong .. with lots of lub .. to anand (these are pressed flowers .. wink wink!!!!)

btw .. if anyone missed me .. im really sorry .. finally got some work at work !!
posted by Ipshi @ 10:22 AM  
  • At Fri Mar 17, 10:40:00 PM, Anonymous anand said…

    Hey Ipshi, that's the bestest gift i've ever ever received.. so much so that its made me fall in lub wid u all over again.. i mean it.. i reallllly loved it! Wishin u a very happy monthaversary too! As far as the exploring life part is concerned, i've waited for it long enough.. So cant afford 2 miss out on it anymore. God bless n lotsa lub, princess!

  • At Sun Mar 19, 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous anand said…

    Pssst.. Dint realize this until u posted it here, u're lookin very adorable in d gateway pic.. ;) ;) Keep lookin great..! Hv a nice day..

  • At Mon Mar 20, 09:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anusha said…

    Very cute sa blog. Usually don't like reading travel stuff but this was a very relatable topic- people (since I shared a similar experience in Delhi) and ofcourse the chappals.

    And here's to you and Anand *clink* May you guys have a long, happy journey ahead. :)

  • At Mon Mar 27, 07:57:00 PM, Anonymous anand said…

    Hey! thanks anusha.. that was indeed a very sweet gesture!

  • At Tue Mar 28, 12:10:00 PM, Anonymous eisha said…

    hey sweety, must have read this piece atleast 3 times now, its so sweet. and ya delhi has something special for almost everybody, see u met ur sweetheart there. not that u don't know this, but i'll keep reminding u to maintain ur love for the place ;)
    Hope u lose a count of ur month anniversaries with anand. Wishing u both a very happy life ahead.

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