Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Aye Aye Cap'n Anooosha
As per the advice given by dear non- blogger Anoooooooosha (is that ok?) im writing in "regular" stuff while i research bout copenhagen !! just like ppl put in fillers in newspapers to use up space i guess !!

so wats been happening ?? o well.. lemme tell u bout me... many many years ago when i was in Kinder Garten ... my mis-guided and harassed teacher made me monitor of the class .. All the power went to my head !! I was a power freak !! there was this one girl who wasnt quivering in fear like the others were ... she kept talkin and talkin and finally i got so pissed
off (of course i didnt know that word back then) but i went upto her and slapped her !! for those who've read my blog earlier may have seen this streak of violence in me later as well...

anyways.. to make a long story short ... we ended up becoming best friends for over 7 yrs or so ... and then v just lost touch cos i think her dad got transferred or something ... we used to be inseparable from the KG to around the 5th or 6th std and then suddenly it all just stopped !!

and now SURPRISE SURPRISE after nearly 12 long years ... she's come back all of a sudden .. she got my e-mail from this blog !!!!! VIVA BLOGGING !!!!

her name is Swagata ... and im so glad i know her again .. but i dunno what to start talkin about ... theres so much that we havta talk about that i dunno where to start ............

hey by the way .. if i havnt said it before .. i love, simply LOOOOOOOOOOOve the food at Mainland China ... amazing food .. to give a small example ... i ate sichuan (the real spelling of szechuan or watever) chicken today witout even knowing what it was.

bye for now people ... big hug for everyone who reads this .. im just too blissful right now :) .. by the way .. cud ppl plz click on the google link above my blog ... pretty prettier prettiest please !!!
posted by Ipshi @ 12:47 pm  
  • At Wed Apr 05, 08:35:00 pm, Anonymous Swagata said…

    Hey Ipshita!

    had totally forgotten abt this - but remember that I once slapped you at your place - do you recall :-)

  • At Thu Apr 06, 09:39:00 am, Blogger Ipshi said…

    not really .. but if u say so .. hisaab barabar !!!

  • At Thu Apr 06, 09:51:00 am, Anonymous Anoosha said…

    This is cool. I haven't made headlines in any paper yet, but making it on your blog feels just as prestigious.

    Good to know the violent you better. I would like to think that those dark days are behind you now. (in our best interest :)

    And here's to you and Swagata! Sounds cool that the blog brought you together again. Hope the re-union involves only back-slapping and no more violence. :)

  • At Thu Apr 06, 01:04:00 pm, Anonymous anand said…

    Wow! i must admit, lot of sisterhood and affection oozing out of the relationship! Now this makes it a lot more easier for me to believe that the two of you are soul sisters (especially Swagata's confession)..!

    Here's wishing you a happy re-union and a great time ahead.. hope the two of you get to meet ASAP.

    As for the food at Mainland China, i second your opinion with all i have, the food was just deliciously sinful! Of course, not to mention, your comapny made it a dual treat.. ;) ;)

  • At Thu Apr 06, 02:24:00 pm, Blogger eisha said…

    ooo...i like that wink wink of anand. he...he..just being naughty.
    hey congratulations yaar, its a beautiful co-incidence the way u two found each other. hope u meet soon and never lose touch ever again.

  • At Thu Apr 06, 03:27:00 pm, Anonymous Josie said…

    That experience of meeting Swagata made the food more tastier and sumptuous, I believe.
    Well I know its' a really heartening experience meeting a long lost buddy.
    Just out of curiosity, I want to know somethingf more.... If you remember, Swagata, what was your reaction to the friendly "slap"?

  • At Fri Apr 07, 10:11:00 am, Anonymous Swagata said…

    Hey! Don't recall the slap ... All I can remember is that I slapped Ipshita at her house..and I think Aunty walked in just then :-) the embarassment has lingered ever since..

  • At Fri Apr 07, 10:32:00 am, Blogger Ipshi said…

    funny .. how both of us remember being the slapper but not the slappee !!!

  • At Sun Apr 09, 03:43:00 pm, Anonymous Anusha said…

    Slapper and slapee, I think we should make these terms official.

  • At Thu Apr 13, 05:12:00 am, Anonymous anand said…

    Hey Eisha, im happy to see you step into the world of blogging, keep the posts coming!
    Wish you all the very best!
    Tried commentng on your blog but i guess it doesn't like me! However much, still sorry to disappoint you, but no winks for you.. only :) :) [ ;) to Ipshi!!]
    Oh! another noticeable fact, Anusha too has become a pointee by that last post :))

  • At Thu Apr 13, 05:25:00 am, Anonymous anand said…

    Swagata, i bet you can't do that now.. i once tried pointing a finger at Ipshi in her house, and i was mauled black and blue!!
    ..maybe she dint like the fact that i was attempting to pose as a threat to her position as an established pointee.. but the point ..err fact remains!
    (Shivering in fear........ Luv u, Ipshi)

  • At Thu Apr 13, 09:17:00 am, Blogger Ipshi said…

    That's it Anand.. Wafer thin ice.. Mere love (said in mallu style) ka u fayda uthaing.

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