Monday, April 10, 2006
So Bachchalog ..

Iv noticed that no one comments on my travel posts ... but its ok .. ill get u addicted soon ... atleast u cud comment on the images u meanos !!

o never mind ... tho i do think that my bosses hav read my blog ... cos suddenly im being given lots and lots of mind numbing and horrible work .. but im finally working a bit so YAY !! today i am free tho .. so im back to blogging!!!

the most advanced piece of work iv done has been copying embedded text from adobe photoshop images and pasting them one line by laborious and boring one line onto an excel sheet !!!

whoever understood the above method .. well .. all i can say is that u .. my friend .. are a geek (no offence anand) !!

but seriously, have u noticed how technically inept i am?? i dont think im cut out for a life of sitting in front of a computer and hearing ppl mumble stuff in strange accents and write them down for an audio transcript which has to be sent to translators so that previously made courses may b translated into many other languages (another challenging task laid out for me)

but where do i go from here ... i hav been thinking about this question for a long time now ... what hav i learnt here .. nothing .. and partly that is my fault cos i dont think im very open to learning what they wanna teach me ... stuff like powerpoint and excel and lectora and gazelle and god knows what not... am i really really capable of learning it .. i dunno but what i dont know is that i really dont feel like trying to understand !!

what do i do with my life ... age old question but right now im completely lost for answers.. i know that someday i wanna set up a book shop maybe .. but i also know that entails a lot of money being spent ... and i also know that any kind of business is a risk ... what if something goes wrong .. o well .. lots of ideas but nothing concrete ... and now i open this thot for discussion ... what do u think ... any ideas on what i shud or cud do ?? dont worry .. i really just wanna know ur opinion ...

getting back to un-serious matters .. lets talk about what matters .. FOOD.. tried out the Chocolate Avalanche at Mocha the other day ... OMIGOD ... please try it people ... just one person cannot finish even the junior version !!! and its so mind-bogglingly amazing !!! Its got chocolate cake pieces, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream and chocolate gelato .. in one word .. UNMISSABLE !!!!
until hong kong .. ciao !!
posted by Ipshi @ 12:39 pm  
  • At Thu Apr 20, 02:20:00 pm, Anonymous Anusha said…

    Hmm, so ever so often we find ourselves at this dead end and need to dig a way out. People who know what they want to do are really lucky. For the rest of us, this question is going to stare at us every once in a while.

    I guess most of us working at this place landed by default anyway. So considering other options must be running on a lot of minds.

    I agree that you should work a bit more before setting up your own thing. If writing really intersts you, could try some other forms of paid writing.

    btw, the flowers are really pretty.

  • At Thu Apr 20, 02:59:00 pm, Anonymous anand said…

    Beautiful images; add a lot of color and life to the aesthetics of the page! i really like the way they've been positioned.. both, each as an image itself as well as on your blog!

    :'( I always comment on your blog, including the images (u cant expect an amateur photographer not to do that).

    One way of being happy in life is finding happiness in what you do, if you can't do something that gives you happiness. Anyway, being a lil more practical n less philosophical, (like i've told you before) i guess you should get into being a free lance writer, maybe a food/travel critic or something on similar lines.

    I thought as much that you'll like the Chocolate Avalanche as much as u did! But i'd still say, their quality has deteriorated.. Nevertheless, when r we going there again? ;)
    Once again, wish you a belated Happy Seventh Monthaversary for reviving one of our 'sweetest' moments!

  • At Thu Apr 20, 03:47:00 pm, Anonymous Smita said…

    that baby with chocolate all over the face is the best pic i have seen in ages :-)) Good blog too btw!!! U write well. I second anand's opinion......take up free lance writing naa...

    I'll comment more later. I have just returned from a traumatic experience of writing an mcom paper. So i need sum rest. tata!!

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