Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Birthday Weekend
Hey there people!! long time no see eh? Yea i been busy... working... playing... getting conjunctivitis...and havin a lot of fun (not because of the 3rd point, but in general)

I really wanted to write this post to inform the general public and the people who read my blog about my birthday weekend. 2 days before my birthday is my sweetie's birthday and luckily for both of us, these dates fell over a weekend. We agonised a long time whether to go out somewhere this weekend and then ended up not going cos i wanted to spend some time with my family too.

His Birthday!!!
Friday i first had to rush to work cos an important meeting was s'posed to take place and it didnt!! I rushed from there and met AA at around 12 at Bandra. As he was still on his way when i reached there... I got him his favorite pastries from Biona along with 2 glasses of our favorite lemon iced tea.. yummm (or so i thot). Then we went to Bandstand where he cut the pastry while i sang for him. However, when we tried to drink the iced tea, there was some bug which liked the iced tea more than us... oh well.

We went to CCD, i drank cold choclate and he had the "lychee iced tea" the guy there was so dumb that he said the litchi iced tea wasnt available first... but when we showed him the menu entry written as Lychee Iced Tea, hes like.. oh sure!

Then we headed for a hair styling appointment at Nalini and Yasmin at waterfield road, Bandra. This was one of my gifts for anand cos Ive always wanted him to get a hair style and not just a cut at the local barber. He first refused saying that it was just gonna b a waste of time... but considering that we were in Bandra about 1 hr before the appointment.. he decided to try it out. And it was a successfull decision. His hair looks quite same as before but the cutting is so uniform and well done. I had a hair cut too... put in layers that apparently look really good. *blush blush*

After that... we headed on to infinity where we got tickets for JBJ in the red lounge. In the mean time, we went out for lunch at Little Italy, we had farmer's bread with vegetables soaked in vinegar and olive oil, followed with canneloni and pasta with garlic basil sauce with lots of veggies. This was accompanied with 2 glasses of Cabernet (red wine). The whole meal was so yummy and so so so filling.

Then we headed on to see the movie... we snuggled up on the amazing red couches (were hampered a bit by the immense arm-rests in the middle) but we enjoyed the movie!! Then he dropped me off till home and went back home himself... It was a beautiful day!

My Birthday!!!

My birthday started off on a very grey note cos Indra started his show in full earnest but still v ventured out and met at around 12.30.. He wore a Blazer for me!!!!!!!!! We roamed around in andheri for a while and then went for lunch to Tian - a japanese restaurant at Juhu.

We had sushi, i know wat ur thinkin but sushi doesnt mean raw fish... thats sashimi.. we had cooked prawns, chicken and veg sushi. There was an amazingly spicy and pungent mustard sauce with the sushi which is called the Wasabi ... it was just so amazing!! The sticky rice that goes with the sushi put us off a bit.. but atleast i can say that I've had sushi in a snooty way... HA HA! This was accompanied with grilled shrimp that was yummy and we drank traditional Japanese Rice Wine or Sake.

We then again headed to infinity where Anand told me he was going to the loo and then he gave me a call... tellin me to go to landmark (a bookstore at infinity), then he called me and told me to look in my bag where he had hid a token from Landmark's baggage counter. When i gave it to the security incharge, he gave me my gift, The last Mughal - a book i have been wanting to read for quite a while!! and there Anand was waiting outside the door for his thank u hug!!

Then we went to see Ocean's 13.. since it was my birthday... i got to see a movie where i got to do the drooling!

After this... we went to Kandivli for the ultimate highlight, Anand and I had dinner with my parents!!! Authentic Malwani Seafood at a restaurant called Malvan Havsar. It was really yummy food where everybody was really nice to each other and everybody had fun.. o it was the greatest birthday iv ever had!! God bless everyone :)
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  • At Thu Jun 21, 12:23:00 PM, Blogger eisha said…

    Wow! This is so cool. Oh first...Happy belated birthday Anand!

    Such a royal way of celebrating! Exotic restaurants and cosy dinners too :)
    I love the way you share minute details.

  • At Thu Jun 21, 01:21:00 PM, Blogger Anush said…

    Wow is exactly my reaction too. You guys sure know how to celebrate and have fun. Patries at Bandstand, the haircut, the way the book was gifted, so thoughtful.

    Anand, wish you a belated happy b'day. And it definitely was very happy. :)

    I'm waiting to see the chic couple. Don't mind me, haven't had a haircut in quite some while. :)

  • At Fri Jun 22, 01:19:00 AM, Anonymous Anand said…

    First things first.. Eisha & Anusha thanks soo much for the good wishes.. like Anusha added.. hell yes it was HAPPY!

    I guess the freakiest part (yeah i know, u people are already bored by the freakiness) was that we both had a terrible start with our birthdays but ended up with a huge smile, a contented heart n a stuffed tummy by the end of the day! hehehehe... *hugs n kisses*

  • At Fri Jun 22, 01:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anand said…

    Oops.. forgot 1 important thing.. (of course the hugs n kisses r for u Ipshi) amazing choice of images.. especially the ones with the yummy food and cranky baby gettin the hair cut..

  • At Fri Jun 22, 10:08:00 AM, Blogger eisha said…

    ha...ha...ofcourse we know the hugs and kisses were for Ipshi, we wudn't dare to think otherwise :)

    luv and prayers for both of you.

  • At Fri Jun 22, 02:34:00 PM, Blogger Ipshi said…

    Thank u very much for ur blessings guys... all three of u mean so much to me... This year I've grown so much as a person... especially since i have been away from E and A... i took ur friendship for granted and i cannot emphasize how much i miss u guys!!

  • At Fri Jun 29, 03:59:00 PM, Blogger Josephina said…

    Hey! Sorry for missing out on so much since last week. I enjoyed reading your blog and the birthday experience. God Bless you 2!!

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